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E-Institute of Quran

E-Institute of Quran is one of the leading Online Quran Academy in the world because of it’s quality service and satisfaction of their service holders. E-Institute of Quran non-partisan organization, we are not a part of any specific Islamic group, organization or mosque, so we welcome every single person who is interested in Islamic studies and Quran learning purpose.

E-Institute of Quran offers online courses for those who want to learn Quran and Islam online. We have developed an extensive curriculum for Quran learning and basic islamic education. Take our three days of free trial classes and experience it by yourself. This team functions with the guidance of many qualified teachers and scholars for providing quality services to our Muslim brothers and sisters who have interest to learn the Holy Quran.

E-Institute of Quran offers purely education courses which are online and especially designed for kids although these online lectures have attracted people of all ages. Quran teaching and Islamic teaching for children has been problem for people in distant areas but E-Institute of Quran have solved this problem and they offers 24/7/365 Islamic courses and online Islamic teaching sessions for kids and people of all ages.

Our Services:

We are providing Our services to every individual anywhere in the world who has access to the internet at lowest possible cost.

Our complete courses are:

  • Qaida (Basic Reading Rules) For Beginners
  • Quran Recitation With Tajweed
  • Memorization Of Quran By Heart
  • Memorization of Salah (Namaz), Kalimahs, Daily Duas, Sunnahs etc